For DC-Based Small Business

If you're a DC-based small business, you should know that DC discrimination law is a potential minefield for the uninformed business owner.

Did you know that the DC Human Rights Act (DCHRA)...

  • Is one of the most expansive anti-discrimination statutes in the country, with 18 protected classes that apply to employers? Federal law only has 8.

  • Covers every business with employees, even if you have only one employee? Under federal law, businesses with less than 15 employees aren't covered.

  • Has no cap on compensatory damages including emotional distress damages? That means you could be liable for hundreds of thousands of dollars if you're found to be discriminating.

  • Has a lower standard for harassment than federal law. Plaintiffs don't have to prove that the harassment was "severe and pervasive." That makes it easier to prove harassment.

Besides the DCHRA, DC has multiple other laws protecting employees, which you need to understand. Some of them even fine businesses for failure to post their requirements...

As a small business owner, you're trying your best to do the right thing.

You work hard to meet all the licensing and regulatory requirements.

You try to hire the right people, pay them well and give them benefits... and still try to make a profit in a tough market.

You struggle endlessly with slow vendors and customer complaints...

It can be overwhelming. Sometimes you just forget about discrimination law. Or you just can't grasp all those complicated details. That's perfectly understandable.

That's why you need an experienced legal professional to guide you through this minefield. My extensive experience in the employment discrimination field means that I can be your guide and help you protect yourself from expensive and business-destroying litigation.

Of course, there are many excellent law firms in DC who can advise you. But, let's face it, hiring a law firm is expensive. But because I have a low overhead, my fees are reasonable and negotiable. I'm looking forward to telling you how I can help you.

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And that's just for starters...

How I Can Help You

If you're a small business owner in DC, you need someone to help you understand the law. I can give you the benefit of my extensive legal experience. We can work together to determine the best strategy to ensure that you comply fully with the law and avoid legal pitfalls which could be devastating to your business.
The first step in complying with discrimination law is having the right anti-discrimination and anti-harassment policies. I can help you draft policies which will comply with the law and give your employees the necessary guidance regarding appropriate workplace behavior.
No matter how conscientious you are and how hard you try to comply with the law, it's almost inevitable that eventually someone is going to complain of harassment. When they do, you need someone to conduct an internal investigation to determine what happened and advise you regarding the necessary remedial measures to help you avoid or minimize liability. I have extensive experience in conducting investigations, so I can help with that.
After developing and disseminating anti-discrimination policies, the next most important step in complying with the law is training your employees, particularly your managers. My broad background in discrimination law allows me to anticipate potential issues and to conduct informative and engaging training for your employees.


Internal Investigations

Drafting/Reviewing Policies

Employee/Manager Training

And that's not all... If there's anything else I can do do help you in your efforts to run your business fairly, in compliance with the law, just contact me. I'm here to help.

Why Me?

So Why Me?

That's a good question...

Well...aside from my extensive legal experience...for one thing, in my 20 years of enforcing state and federal anti-discrimination laws, I've seen it all!

  • I've seen every innocent mistake employers can make which unwittingly exposes them to legal jeopardy.

  • Every stupid thing that employers and managers can do to get themselves in trouble and create legal liability.

  • Every questionable claim Plaintiffs make about discrimination that doesn't amount to much more than, "My boss didn't smile at me this morning."

  • Every laughable argument managers come up with in an attempt to avoid taking responsibility for their actions.

I've also seen how good policies and good management have helped employers thrive and created healthy and happy workplaces. And how a quick and appropriate response to a discrimination complaint can resolve the problem quickly to the satisfaction of all involved, and avoid costly litigation.

You can trust me because I've seen so many ways things can go wrong and know the ways to make them go right. I have the legal experience and skills you need. And in the event that there is a legal issue that I haven't encountered happens to the best of us!...I have the skills and experience to figure out the best way to handle it.

Because I'm a solo practitioner with a very low overhead, my fees are low and flexible, and I can work within your budget. We can negotiate a range of different fee arrangements--from a one-time consulting fee, to a flat-fee package deal for the services you need, to a retainer, to hourly rates for services... It's up to you.

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Why should you trust me to help guide you through these thorny issues?