About DeWitt EEO Services

Who I Am

I’m an experienced employment discrimination attorney with over 20 years of experience enforcing anti-discrimination statutes at the state and federal level, dealing with federal as well as private sector EEO cases. My extensive experience in a variety of contexts has given me a broad overview of the discrimination enforcement process, as well as a thorough and deep knowledge of the discrimination statutes, their regulations and the case law interpreting them.

Over those 20 years, I've handled hundreds EEO cases across the full spectrum of discrimination law and have exhaustive legal knowledge of discrimination law issues and theories, including harassment, disparate treatment, reasonable accommodation, among others. And if I don't know the answer to any legal question, my legal research skills allow me find the answer quickly and efficiently.

My writing abilities have been honed throughout my career, starting with an English major in college, and continuing with my membership on a journal at Boston University, and my extensive legal writing experience since then. Because of my extensive experience, I can quickly and efficiently draft any document you need, from the full range of litigation documents, motions and responses, to anti-discrimination and harassment policies, and investigative reports.

If your company or firm needs an investigation done, I also have extensive experience in conducting investigations into allegations of discrimination and harassment and other issues.